Poetry in photo captions? Yes, dump trailers too

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Updated Jan 28, 2016

Two dump trailer rears

We recently asked readers to caption this photo on our Facebook page. The shot, sent in through our reader’s photo gallery, begged the question: “What’s with these two shiny trailer rears?” Aside from reader Chris Madron‘s — “To whoever put these in Overdrive: Thanks. That’s mine on the left, and it worked five days a week and got cleaned every weekend” — here are a few of the other responses.

Stacy L Pullen: Do these lights make my butt look big?

Chris Gadarowski: How’s that driving with your high beams on working out for ya?

Anik Mankar: If you can see yourself here, you are following too close.

Ben Lujin: No Anne Ferro, I did not log this polish job on line 4!

Peggy Shelton: Can you see me NOW?

David A. Marchand: Time for a selfie.

Michael MacRae: I wear my sunglasses at night.

John Thaxton: Don’t have to be dirty to haul dirt.

David Bell: Offering double the trucker selfies for the price of one!

Feel free, but of course, to offer your own in the comments below…