Website maps 2016 ‘year in truck spills’

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The interactive map of 2016 truck spills is available via this link.The interactive map of 2016 truck spills is available via this link.

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to highway accidents? For those among you who might answer in the affirmative, the folks behind the Atlas Obscura online catalog of the wild and wonderful — the site describes itself as devoted to those “who still believe in discovery” and calls a “definitive guide to the world’s wondrous and curious places” — argue otherwise with this map of notable spilled loads of 2016.

One of those places — the entire United States — got the treatment last week with a interactive map Atlas Obscura published cataloging year 2016’s truck spills. While not a full compendium, the variety of commodities ruined by highway accidents is interesting, for sure, if not always as compelling as what any hauler knows about such incidents — their potential to be devastating affairs for any party involved, whether individual drivers, associated carriers or shippers and receivers.

Most of the spills tallied, however, involved little in the way of serious injury, according to the site’s reporting. Editors there have done a good job of including such details when available, including apparent causes of the crashes.

It’s another interesting take on the year just concluded — you can run through the full map via this link.