Oil-patch captioning ‘from sun-up til down-hole’

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Regular readers will recall when I asked for a caption for the scene shown below, a brilliant sunrise (with truck, of course) posted in March to the Reader Rigs gallery by John Reinhardt. Turns out it’s regular commenter Craig Vecellio’s “From sun-up to down-hole” suggestion that perhaps best expressed Reinhardt’s route toward his destination that particular day.

The shot depicts a sunrise early-early in the oil patch in Texas “way out in nowhere,” Reinhardt wrote, north of Pecos. The hauler and his Freightliner were “waiting to be escorted six miles up a poorly graded well road to deliver poly pipe at a water storage facility used for drilling operations.”

Reinhardt, commenting on Overdrive‘s Facebook page subsequently, noted the particular day in question “turned out to be an unexpected journey into the patch with a road tractor,” going on to evoke the differing points of view about trucking as an owner-operator these days. “While some regard hauling freight for specific rates charity, others just pull their pants and boots up and weather the bad times, and then their are those who moan, whine and complain while having no real solutions to fix an otherwise struggling industry from over-regulation to ever decreasing freight rates.”

Sometimes, he added, “it’s the small things,” including this moment of morning brilliance, “that matter. #KeepOnTrucking.”