Trucking’s biggest fan turns 16, revisited

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Screenshot from CBS evening news broadcast from the big event that was Dakota Cadd’s 16th birthday with more than 100 bobtails — Mark King takes the young man out on a run.

I wanted to be sure I took the time to share this CBS broadcast, as the event it details well might be the best exemplar I’ve seen of the giving heart of trucking on display. Regular readers will recall my post distilling our Truckers News colleague Deanne Winslett’s story of Dakota Cadd, the young man confined to a wheelchair who’s probably truckers’ biggest fan nationwide.

To recap in brief: a Facebook request for birthday gifts and a potential small event went viral and, next thing you know, hundreds of haulers were prepared to put on a truck show for Cadd’s 16th birthday in his Wisconsin hometown. I missed this CBS broadcast when it ran after the event — if you did, too, well, I’m 100 percent certain you won’t regret giving it your attention now (click in the frame to start the vid):