Long Haul Paul’s ‘… in the Big Hole Now’; Will Beeley’s Texas history with Steve Earle

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Regular readers will recall New Mexico-based trucker and songwriter Will Beeley from our coverage of his return to recorded music after four decades off with “Highways & Heart Attacks,” a new disc from the Tompkins Square record label.

If you missed the podcast conversation that took a bit of a tour through that record and Beeley’s history in music and trucking, take a listen via this link or in the player here:

Reason I bring him up again is there’s a new dialogue that’s been published by the folks at TalkHouse.com that shows Beeley catching up with the well-known singer-songwriter, actor and much else besides in the person of Mr. Steve Earle.

Beeley and Earle both came up in music circles in San Antonio, with Beeley the elder of the pair and having offered some crucial advice to Earle at a young age. Earle briefly told the tale of …

… the night you told me that I needed to go back and finish school before I could play [at a local venue] again. So I took that to heart and I dropped out the next day. You said to come back when I was out of school so I dropped out of high school the next day.

Will: That’s great advice. It turned out well for you.

Steve: Yeah, it turned out pretty good. 

Catch the full piece of history via this link to TalkHouse.com.

“…in the Big Hole Now” with Long Haul Paul
A video here on the newer side I thought I’d share to give you a little bit of a taste of just what’s on our own Overdrive Extra contributor Paul Marhoefer’s spanking new record, relatively soon to be available via online streaming and download services. For now, hard-copy listeners among fans of Marhoefer’s brand of trucking folk-Americana music (what else to call? I’m all ears…) can inquire about a CD via his music page on Facebook.

In the spirit of decoding at least what’s in the title here, though it probably needs no decoding for most in the audience: If you’re in the big hole, a reference to the overdrive gear, you’re moving pretty fast.

Toward what? Well, Marhoefer calls the track, with a little humor in the telling, both a “kids’ song with some adult-sized humor” as well as what he calls most of his songs, really: music that’s a “distillation of all these ramblings and thoughts” and conversations with himself and others in trucking over the years and miles. I think you’ll enjoy.

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Hear the song below in this video from the Rocky Mountain Bull Hauler, former trucker Doug Worthing.

Posted by Long Haul Paul Music on Saturday, December 7, 2019