Roadcheck fails: 'Worst of the worst' in Iowa

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iowa roadcheck sticker
This operator walked away from Roadcheck in Iowa in 2022 with a sticker and a smile. The other rigs pictured weren't so lucky.
All images courtesy of Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement

With Roadcheck just a couple weeks away, the Iowa State Highway Patrol has posted a gallery of trucking do-nots in anticipation of the three-day safety blitz. 

While the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has slightly tweaked the out-of-service criteria this year, as every year, these eye-popping errors were probably never OK, and the type of thing a simple pre-trip inspection or some preventive maintenance could have avoided. Also, it’s good to remember the common-sense way you can avoid getting pulled over and inspected, as CVSA reps themselves recently shared. 

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From makeshift fixes that shifted and got unmade to corrosion making common components nigh-on unrecognizable, these images mostly speak for themselves. 

iowa roadcheck brake drumSomehow, it's still holding on.

plastic bag as a fuel tank capThis one took a while to understand just what was pictured. It's a plastic bag being used as a fuel cap.

roadcheck fail semiIs this piece working remotely? Or not even remotely close to working?

drum brake violation roadcheck"Blue tooth brake drum," said a commenter on Facebook.

roadcheck bent rimGood pretrips ought to account for things like this.

air line unconnectedAt some point, the air line should connect to the brake system.

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