Armed menace fatally shot at Albuquerque Love's: Police

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Updated Jan 29, 2024

Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the wee hours of Thursday morning said they shot and killed "a man who was causing a disturbance and threatening people with a gun at the Love’s truck stop near I-40 and 6th St, NW."

"This morning at about 2:42 officers from our Valley area command were dispatched" to the Love's on 6th street in Albuquerque, said Police Chief Harold Medina in a statement to the press. "APD was receiving several phone calls referencing an individual who was armed with a handgun" and threatening several others.

With APD officers en route, a security guard fired a shot at the suspect, according to Medina. "We have great video from our real time crime center showing the individual was in the street, pointing the firearm" at passing vehicles, including a tractor-trailer. 

"At one point in time, or possibly two points in time, he actually threw the firearm at vehicles as it seems in frustration as they had moved to elude him," Medina continued. 

Following the suspect by video surveillance, police watched him continue southbound and "throw rocks at power transformers." 

After these displays, however, things took a tragic turn. 

"We will have video of when the individual started to pose at distance and walk towards officers, starting to point the firearm at officers," he continued. At that point "at least one" officer "discharged their service rifle," killing the suspect. 

The violent scene in Alburquerque follows an uptick in cargo theft and crimes, as well as the recent killing of truck driver David White at a truck stop in Nashville

The full press statement from Chief Medina below: