Where to find a two/three-hour 14-clock pause in the new HOS

Updated Nov 22, 2021

For regular readers of Channel 19, this won’t be news, but rather another way to distill my admittedly somewhat over-embellished (when it comes to the narrative details of the scenarios) rundown of the split-sleeper changes in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s 2020 hours of service changes. As one reader put it: “You take way too long to explain how it works. We get that you’re trying to entertain people, but get to the point. This makes it harder to follow what you’re trying to get across.”

So in the interest of delivering to those of you who appreciate information of a brass-tacks, short-and-sweet character, this might be the best I can do, in about five minutes. (Props here to our video editor Andrew Guinn for quick work of this, also available via Overdrive‘s Youtube channel and Facebook page.)

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