What you would do with the Long Haul Survivor

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The Long Haul Survivor

With the raffling off of the Long Haul Survivor cancer-research-benefit custom Peterbilt we’ve covered over the last year coming up in May, we asked readers what they would do were they to win the truck

Find a round-up of your answers below, with further photos of the rig, custom-built by Eldon Jaeger and his team with the help of a raft of donating organizations, at bottom. Find past coverage of the rig via the links included below. 

Martin Anderson: I would sell it and give the money to a cancer patient or cancer survivor.

Jeff Watt: Run it and show it.

Tony Hege: Run her and take a percentage of every check and donate it to cancer awareness.

Cynthia Ariana Roberts: I would pull a mobile imaging system around the nation so low- to no-income people could get help…. Or anyone that needed a mammogram could get one. I went through a cancer scare, and trust me, it’s sooo00 not fun waiting for your sentence.

Kenneth Cutright: Get a new tarp on my roll-tite to match with all the cancer logo info on it for the world to see — and drive it like I stole it…

Brenda Nielsen Mckinney: Drive it delivering supplies to help out children and natural disaster victims.

Todd Modderman: Run it and use it at B.R.A.K.E.S. to teach teens how to drive around big trucks.

Todd Hatfield: I’d put “Team Amber” on the side of it and drive it with pride. Amber is an 18-year-old girl losing her fight to brain cancer.

Dan Hladasz: Add some black to it. Shave the roof lights. Drop it down low and paint every piece of chrome. Then auction it off and donate the proceeds to actual cancer patients to help with their bills.

Hearn Cin: My son just lost his Dad to cancer, so I would have to say, if all went well, I would go back trucking long-haul with a contract, and donate cash to cancer patients. For sure, it’d be a great feeling to give back and yet have work all at the same time. … I’m not fond of the color…but gee we can’t have it all.

Mark Daniel: Put the “Women Rock Breast Cancer Awareness” logo on it and put her on the road with all profits going to this great group in North Texas helping women. Check them out.

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Dana Crisp: Work it care for it and show it like a rig should be.

These are just a few of more than 400 responses all told. Find more, or add your own, via Overdrive‘s Facebook page. For info on how to donate and enter the raffle yourself, read this post.