Kent Doucey’s 2018 Peterbilt 389

Updated Mar 14, 2019
Rapid Roberts Inc Truck #600
Uploaded by : Kent Doucey
Rapid Roberts Inc out of Springfield Missouri has a small fleet of trucks hauling our own product to our convenience stores in the Missouri Ozark Mountains. Thank you!

This 2018 Peterbilt 389 glider is owned by Kent Doucey out of Springfield, Missouri. The rig sports a Cat C15 with an 18-speed and sits on a 292-inch wheelbase. The glider was built by Endrizzi Diesel in Bolivar, Missouri, and all custom work on the truck – including visors, custom boxes, rear fenders, light bars, panels and deck plate – was done by 4 State Trucks. The truck is paired with a 2018 Polar four-compartment tanker with custom panels and light bars by 4 State Trucks. The rig is one of five for Dousey’s fleet, Rapid Roberts Inc. The company hauls its own fuel products to 31 stations location around southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas.

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