Dan Chartrand’s 2019 Peterbilt 389

Chartrand 2020 10 23 09 24 Scaled

Dan Chartrand owns this 2019 Peterbilt 389, mostly hauling cement to service the mining industry. He also hauls liquid hazardous chemicals while leased to Commercial Transport out of Sudbury, Ontario. The rig sits on a 268-inch wheelbase and features a double frame, 46,000-pound rear ends with full lockers on a Neway air ride and 13,200-pound front axle on air ride. It’s powered by a Paccar MX13 with an 18-speed on 3:91 rears. He has added full fenders, a drop visor and cab and sleeper stainless panels. He also installed a Herd Road Train moose bumper. The trailer is a 2020 Bedard pneumatic tanker that’s used to haul bulk cement. The average gross weight for his hauls is 128,000 pounds. The truck is equipped with a pneumatic blower system, as well as a wet line system.

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