CVSA ELD inspection bulletin, updates to older AOBRD bulletin

| January 24, 2018

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, the partnership of law enforcement and truck- and bus-industry representatives across North America, has added an inspection bulletin outlining officer and driver responsibilities during inspections of hours of service when the driver is using an electronic logging device.

The document, accessible via this link, outlines expected inspection procedures for ELD-involved hours inspections, likewise exemptions to the ELD mandate rule. Intended for use primarily by inspectors, it also outlines driver responsibilities when it comes to the process of transferring data from an ELD to roadside software for analysis, depending on the method utilized within the ELD and at the roadside.

Electronic data transfer for ELD/hours inspections is expected to grow in use around the nation as more state truck enforcement departments get their software systems up to speed. The eRODS software for doing the transfers was rolled out from federal partners to the states only in fall last year, with training events for inspectors beginning in late October. In the interim, many inspectors are likely to rely on ELDs’ display for log checks. 

CVSA says the new inspection bulletin also came alongside some updates to the long-existing bulletin for inspectors of truckers utilizing previous-generation Automatic Onboard Recording Devices (AOBRDs), grandfathered for legal use to record drivers’ hours through Dec. 16, 2019, as long as they were in place prior to the Dec. 18, 2017, initial enforcement date of the ELD mandate.

A new inspection bulletin related to electronic access to drivers’ basic medical certification status was also newly released, CVSA says.

New and updated bulletins are an outgrowth in part from the Dec. 7, 2017, meeting of the CVSA board of directors in Alexandria, Va., where the board voted to add the bulletins to the myriad of resources it provides to roadside officers, drivers and carriers.

All CVSA inspection bulletins are available at this link.

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