Downward mobility: Owner-operator income after the ELD mandate

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Updated Feb 25, 2022

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Expected one-year change in share of owner-operators who fall into low, medium and high compensation brackets

The share of owner-operators expecting to tally more than $70,000 in net income for year 2018 was 27 percent smaller than the share that reported the same for 2017 net income, according to Overdrive’s recent surveys. That would throw many into mid-range or lower income brackets, as shown in the graph above.

In Overdrive’s most recent survey, 65 percent of respondents reported they were making less money since the ELD mandate came into play, despite the upturn in per-mile truckload rates on the spot market. The data here doesn’t reflect the approximate fifth of respondents who were too unsure to estimate 2018 income, and overall brackets for expected 2018 income are below.

Expected 2018 Post Eld Mandate Income 2018 12 21 10 44