David Adkins’ 2013 glider gets a home

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The Adkins’ 2013 Coronado Glider — catch a few more views in the gallery below.The Adkins’ 2013 Coronado Glider — catch a few more views in the gallery below.

The header on the email read: “The Coronado is Sold!!” 

David Adkins contacted me last week, and once again, made my day better. 

“I have sold the Coronado!” he said. Regular readers will remember Adkins’ efforts to find a new home for his 2013 Fitzgerald Glider following a terminal cancer diagnosis. 

Adkins went on to tell me a new owner-operator with Landstar was tipped off by a friend who saw the original article about it in Overdrive.

David Adkins and his wife, ShenaDavid Adkins and his wife, Shena

Fellow Landstar-leased owner-operator Jeff Lanthripp, noted Adkins, “saw the article you wrote on me and my truck and told his friend John about it.”

John Rentz took a look at the article and the ad for the truck and was immediately interested. The Coronado Fitzgerald Glider is in West Virginia, and John is from Texas, so he hasn’t actually picked the truck up yet, but hopes to in the next couple of weeks.

David and his wife are happy their baby is staying with the Landstar family. 

“It feels like we are getting to adopt our child out to a caring parent instead of it going to an orphanage. Thank you first of all as you started it with writing the article, OverdriveOnline.com for running it, and Landstar for placing it on their page.”