FPPF engine additives

Fppf Meltdown 300x300 2017 01 24 13 20FPPF manufactures a lineup of products designed for your winter defense. They include:

Fuel Power is compatible with all grades of fuel and provides numerous benefits. FPPF says it: Totally disperses water, removes gum and varnish, creates hydrogen polar bonding, acts as a corrosion inhibitor, cleans entire fuel injector system, acts as a fuel stabilizer, increases combustion for greater efficiency, and controls waxing and gelling.

Polar Power is designed for the cold weather months, and its maker says it: Contains Fuel Power, has a wax dispersant, lowers pour point, contains seed crystal modifier and lowers cold filter plug point.

Melt Down is a product you need in an emergency. FPPP says it “… is specifically formulated to dissolve gelled fuel back into solution and return the flow in approximately 20 minutes. It will not harm fuel pumps, nozzles, or any pre-combustion components. Meltdown is an emergency fuel treatment only.

ABC Air Brake Conditioner, according to FPPF, “… protects all air brake systems and helps prevent freeze-ups. There are no ingredients or residues to corrode brake line systems. ABC contains pure methanol.”

So while you may not be able to prevent all of winter’s problems, you can be prepared for many of them.

FPPF products are available at all travel centers.