Thermo King fuel-saving products

Updated Aug 13, 2012

Thermo King has introduced three products – the TriPac Electric APU System, the T-1000 SPECTRUM Multi-Temp Unit for Trucks and the SmartPower High Output Electric Standby Option.

The TriPac Electric APU System is an electric auxiliary idle reduction and temperature management system in the truck cab without running an engine. The T-1000 Spectrum Multi-Temp Unit for Trucks is a self-powered multi-temperature unit with scroll compressor technology. Its Tier 4 engine emits 38 percent less particulate matter and 54 percent less carbon monoxide than previous engines, the company says. The unit is available in two- and three-compartment configurations. The SmartPower High Output Electric Standby Option provides customers the choice of a 24-hp high-output electric standby option or the existing 14-hp version.

Thermo King

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