Tracfone alternative to cell phones with contracts

Updated Jul 24, 2017

Now you can have a smartphone without the pain and restrictions that come with a contract.

Tracfone pairs with Verizon for no-contract cellular service. It offers a variety of new and refurbished Android phones, a few iOS devices, and the option to use a phone you already own. Phone prices range from $629.99 for a new Samsung Galaxy S7 to $9.99 for a reconditioned LG 329G.

When you purchase your phone online or in a travel center you get a PIN, which you can enter online to activate your phone and service.

Tracfone also offers variety of flexible airtime service plans, which can be tailored to your needs and how you use your phone. You also can purchase add-on features for international calling, extra data and additional texts.

No credit check or credit card required for these services.

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