Beartracker 885 includes emergency scanner

Updated Apr 3, 2018

For many truckers, a good CB radio is indispensable to staying out of any trouble that may occur on the highway.

Uniden’s Beartracker 885 does that and more. Not only is it a pro-level, 40-channel CB, but it’s paired with a digital scanner and the BearTracker Warning System. It scans local emergency radio traffic — police, fire, ambulance — to keep you aware of any mishaps. (Be aware that some jurisdictions do not allow mobile scanners, so be sure to check yours.)

Uniden’s Beartracker 885

The BearTracker 885’s features include:

  • 7-Color LCD Display
  • Weather Alert
  • PA Function
  • Compatible with a wireless mic
  • Digital and analog police/fire/ambulance/DOT scanner
  • Scan system types include conventional analog, Motorola, LTR, EDACS, APCO P25 Phase I and Phase II
  • Includes VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz
  • Individually select types of channels to receive
  • SWR meter
  • Antenna system check
  • Vehicle power check
  • CB/Scan priority selection
  • Mic and RF Gain
Bearcat PC68LTX

Uniden also has another CB for the professional driver, the Bearcat PC68LTX, which has long been a staple in the driving industry.

The 40-channel PC68LTX features:

  • RF gain control
  • Mic gain control
  • PA/CB switch
  • Analog S/RF meter
  • Instant Channel 9
  • Noise blanker/Automatic noise limiter
  • High scute switch

Uniden’s selection of products for the professional driver includes its long range radar/laser detector, the Defender DFR7.

It’s provides 360 degrees of protection and features GPS for red light cameras, voice alerts, an easy to read OLED display advance K filter and mute memory. The “quiet ride” feature allows you to set desired speed settings to automatically mute unwanted alerts.

(Be aware that some jurisdictions do not allow mobile radar/laser detectors, so be sure to check yours.)