Cooling system repair formula

Bar’s Leaks’ Cooling System Repair is formulated to stop coolant leaks and antifreeze loss, prevent overheating and correct other cooling system problems. A dual-cavity bottle contains two formulas: One side includes a blend of carbon fiber sealer, leak-sealing liquid and stop leak treatment made to stop and prevent antifreeze loss, while the other side adds system protection in the form of water pump lubricant, corrosion inhibitors and heat transfer agents. The leak repair also includes the company’s Xtreme Cool wetting agent designed to reduce water temperature to prevent overheating.

To treat a cooling system, pour the bottle’s entire contents into the vehicle radiator and idle the engine for 15 minutes. The leak repair is suited for gasoline, diesel and turbocharged engines and may be used with all types and colors of antifreeze and/or water.

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