Xantrex’s combination inverter/battery charger

Xantrex Freedom SW 230VAC inverter

Xantrex’s Freedom SW 230VAC/50Hz combination inverter, battery charger and transfer switch is designed to provide fully automatic electrical power management for trucks of all sizes. When connected to an external AC power source, the Freedom SW allows the energy to pass through and power connected equipment. When disconnected from external power, the unit automatically inverts DC battery power into AC power.

Features include automatic overload protection, short-circuit protection, integrated resettable AC breakers and a power factor-corrected multistage charger with temperature compensation and a wide operating range (-20 to 60 degrees Celsius). The unit also can be configured to provide ignition lockout protection, preventing unnecessary battery drain when the alternator is not providing power.

Available in two models (2,500 continuous watts with 65-amp charging, 3,400 continuous watts with 90-amp charging) the Freedom SW 230VAC offers parallel stacking capability to double the power output. Built-in Generator Support Mode enables the Freedom SW to supplement an onboard generator when AC loads exceed the generator’s capacity. Both models feature a two-times continuous power surge rating to provide up to 6,800 watts of additional startup power for demanding appliances.

Xantrex, www.schneider-electric.com