Minimizer’s 18-inch poly toolbox

Minimizer 18-Inch Poly Tool BoxMinimizer’s 18-inch poly toolbox is lighter than metal and is built to fit into many tight places on trucks, truck chassis and trailers for a variety of applications. The durable toolbox is made of solid molded plastic materials engineered to withstand harsh environments and won’t rust, crack or need paint. The toolbox weighs 22.8 pounds and measures 18-by-24-by-18 inches to allow for mounting onto trucks that have less room near the axles or near the liftgate, which allows it to house liftgate controls. It provides a right-to-left door orientation for the driver’s side and is designed to allow for easy access to electrical hookups, hydraulic controls, fuel cells, battery boxes, spill kits/hazmat kits and other industry uses.