Shell’s nitrate-free extended-life coolant

Shell Rotella ELC NF 1Shell Rotella Extended Life Coolant-Nitrite Free (ELC NF) joins the company’s coolant portfolio as the companion to Shell Rotella Ultra ELC. Both coolants are designed for nitrite-free engine antifreeze/coolant formulations to help protect aluminum components better. Shell Rotella ELC-NF also is formulated to protect modern brazed aluminum heat exchangers and can be used in fleets that include passenger cars and light-duty trucks. The coolant also is designed for extended-life operation in medium- and heavy-duty diesel, gasoline and natural gas vehicles and engines. It also is designed to provide more heat transfer than conventional coolants as well as added cavitation and related damage protection on cylinder liners. The coolant also can help extend the life of water pumps, radiators and other cooling system components. It has no supplemental coolant additives or required extender use.

Shell Lubricants,

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