Landoll’s next-generation trailer line

Landoll Next-Generation TrailerLandoll’s Next Generation Trailer line offers an updated hydraulic operating system nicknamed H.O.S.S., as well as the company’s High Visibility Lighting package. H.O.S.S. is designed to cut overall operational time in half and allow more loads to take place.

Removing the restrictors helps eliminate back pressure, resulting in cooler operational temperatures and a quieter environment, while continuous oil encasement of the valves in the control panel requires less maintenance. Previously, oil circulated through the entire system before returning to the tank, allowing for only a 14 gpm flow; oil now travels only through the closed center inlet and back to the tank, creating a 20 gpm flow. Landoll’s 400 “A” Series Traveling Axle trailers will be the first models with the new standard features.

Landoll Corp.,