Doonan’s coil hauler trailer

Doonan Specialized Flatbed Coil Hauler TrailerDoonan’s custom 48-foot-by-96-inch Black Gold Coil Hauler trailer is engineered for hauling steel coils shotgun-style – with the coil’s eye facing forward – recessed inside a well. The trailer has two outer-perimeter beams with 1-by-5-inch top and bottom flanges and features a well opening in the center that measures 19 feet long by 76 inches wide, with recessed concave beams to help secure the coil load more safely.

The trailer’s 98,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating is based on a tri-axle system with disc brakes; the coil well is designed close to the axles to help transfer more weight onto the axles. The trailer also has nine pockets along its sides for tarp system installation to help protect coils from the elements.

Doonan Specialized Trailers,

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