BorgWarner’s EGR cooler line

BorgWarner’s multiplatform modular exhaust gas recirculation cooler family includes four adaptable standard designs for added flexibility to cover a range of engine sizes from 2- to 16-liter displacement. The coolers are engineered for high robustness against thermal fatigue and enhanced coolant distribution for durable performance, even with minimum coolant flow. Featuring hybrid tube heat transfer technology and a floating inner core, the coolers are designed to resist high levels of thermal load. An integrated thermomechanical damper facilitates complete decoupling of the shell and inner core components to help absorb longitudinal and angular differences for improved durability. The damper also provides some initial extra cooling for the inlet gas to help reduce thermal shock and allow better gas distribution to the tubes to resist thermal fatigue; cooling the damper and inlet gas box also helps reduce the overall temperatures achieved, which in turn lowers thermal stress. The design also minimizes the effect of engine transients over the cooler’s durability.