Tenneco’s Monroe shock absorbers

Tenneco Monroe Magnum Shock Absorber 2018 01 24 10 50Tenneco’s all-black gas-charged Monroe Magnum shock absorbers are engineered to help reduce cost per mile through added durability, improved vehicle control and increased driver comfort and satisfaction. The shock absorbers combine advanced design and construction features that include a large-diameter nitrocarburized rod that helps provide improved compression control and side-load strength; a PTFE-coated rod guide bearing that helps increase durability by minimizing friction between the rod and rod guide; a robust hydraulic lock-out design that helps prevent suspension overextension; a larger-diameter piston to help provide greater tuning precision for each vehicle application; an advanced shouldered bushing design that helps prevent bushing extrusion; and an increased pressure tube thickness that helps prevent shock damage in extreme load and road conditions.

Tenneco, www.monroeheavyduty.com