Ancra’s roller track system

Ancra’s Retract-A-Roll 4 pneumatic roller track system is engineered to speed up loading and unloading and can be retrofitted in virtually any trailer. The system is powered by the pneumatics of the truck’s existing air supply and is built to take forklift abuse and instantly convert back to a smooth floor. High-strength 11-gauge stamped, interlocking steel top plates have a galvanized finish to fight corrosion. The heavy-duty top plates feature a dual skate-wheel design that results in a smaller opening to help prevent any debris from entering and puncturing the air bag. The controls are located in an easy-to-access weatherproof container, and the system also has a safety interlock so that if an operator neglects to lower the roller system, a backup safety control value automatically lowers the rollers when the vehicle’s brakes are released, helping the load to remain secure and preventing damage caused by shifting cargo.


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