Purkeys’ wave inverter

Purkeys Invert Pure Sine Wave inverter (PRNewsfoto/Purkeys)Purkeys’ Invert Pure Sine wave inverter uses the company’s DynaBalance monitoring technology that monitors the battery’s state of charge, even under load, rather than just its voltage. DynaBalance is housed within a control module remotely connected by a cable to the inverter unit. The controller displays how much power is available for the driver to use, and the DynaBalance technology is designed to allow the control module to give drivers the maximum amount of battery power possible. It is engineered to sense when the state of charge has reached a programmable predetermined set point and will shut the inverter off to ensure the truck’s batteries remain able to crank the engine. The inverter is available in 1,500 and 2,000 watts.

Purkeys, www.purkeys.net

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