Link’s ultra-high-capacity air suspension

Link’s ultra-high-capacity Triton Tri-Drive Air Suspensions are engineered to be used in multi-axle configurations for heavy-haul and off-highway applications. Designed for production-line installation, Triton has a 105,000-lb. carrying capacity that allows for added application flexibility, and it can be combined to provide a variety of vehicle carrying capacities, including 35,000-lb. single-drive, 70,000-lb. dual-drive and 105,000-lb. tri-drive configurations. The air suspensions are designed to integrate seamlessly with most major heavy-haul axle makes and models for applications such as off-highway mining, quarry and logging.

The Triton’s mounting system features extra-wide weight-bearing brackets built to deliver yaw stability and predictable well-balanced handling. Ride quality also is enhanced by Triton’s high-mounted air springs and under-slung spring saddles, which allow plus or minus 4 inches of articulation, helping to minimizing roll. Longitudinal and lateral control rods help facilitate proper axle tracking and alignment, and the trailing beams are interconnected by a torsion bar, further improving ride stability. Dual-height control valves help the suspension maintain optimum ride height independent of load levels, and all units are fitted with heavy-duty shock absorbers.

Polyurethane bushings help provide longer service life and eliminate lubrication requirements, while the company’s Link-Koat migratory self-healing metal treatment coating is formulated for corrosion resistance and rust protection.

Link Manufacturing,