Fairbanks’ slow-speed weigh system

Fairbanks’ AxleSurance Weigh System is a slow-speed axle scale system engineered for easy installation and operation. The scale is 11 feet wide and arrives precast and ready to be installed, and a backhoe can both prepare the installation site and be used to set the scale in place, with installation and calibration requiring about four hours. The system provides axle and gross truck weights that can be displayed, printed and saved for recordkeeping. The unattended console provides a self-contained control unit that drivers can operate independently and allows transaction records to be saved and transmitted or incorporating into the user’s enterprise resource planning systems. The system is engineered to calculate, display and capture each individual axle as it rolls over the scale. It then sums the weights and prints individual axle and gross weights on the tickets.

Fairbanks Scales, www.fairbanks.com