Rear View Safety’s wireless object detection sensor system

Rear View Safety’s RVS-125 SenseStat Wireless Object Detection Sensor System is designed to provide both active and passive safety for larger vehicles. The proprietary technology uses a scanning algorithm that reads four separate sensors, displaying the actual distance to the one that is closest to the object, as well as corresponding aural alerts. The system’s wireless electronic control unit is waterproof and includes multiple antenna installation options with a detection of up to 8 feet. With built-in stop-line adjustment, users can adjust the stopping distance away from the actual bumper to any desired distance. Tractor-trailer rigs can connect to any Sensestat-equipped trailer by pressing the monitor’s sync button to simplify switching trailers. If operators want to combine the sensor system with a camera so that they can view what the sensors are detecting, the RVS-125 can work with backup camera systems.

Rear View Safety,