Link’s vocational tandem drive suspension

City Garbage and Recycle Truck Working picking up Garbage Bins in Residential NeighbourhoodLink’s 52K Air Link Gen 3 Tandem Drive Suspension has been reconfigured to improve clearance for tire chain use on heavy vocational equipment with 315 tires. The hanger brackets have been lengthened, heavy-duty dampers moved forward, center bushings raised and vertical distance between the trailing arm and walking beam pivots optimized. The suspension also features larger high-volume low-frequency air springs engineered for a smoother ride whether the vehicle is under load or empty. Dual height-control valves help maintain proper ride height, leveling the vehicle independent of load and maximizing its roll stability. The suspension has been designed with a lower number of moving parts, extra-large bearing surfaces, beefier main components and a higher level of load-bearing redundancy, and once wheel alignment is set on the Air Link, no future adjustments are required. Weight is distributed equally to both axles.

Link Manufacturing,