Dana intros 75W-85 synthetic gear lubricant

Xfe75 W 85 Oil 1 2020 12 21 08 57Dana Incorporated has introduced Spicer XFE 75W-85 synthetic gear lubricant for commercial vehicles.  This new fuel-efficient lubricant provides ultimate protection, performs well in extreme temperatures and extends the drain interval for medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks up to 500,000 miles.

“Spicer XFE synthetic gear lubricant protects gears and bearings in commercial vehicles, ensuring longer gear life and maximizing vehicle uptime,” said Bill Nunnery, senior director, sales and marketing, global aftermarket for Dana.  “In addition to improved fuel economy and decreased CO2 emissions, fleet managers will also benefit from an extended warranty on new Spicer heavy-duty or medium-duty carriers filled with Spicer XFE.”

Using the Spicer fuel savings calculator, truck owners can calculate the savings earned by using Spicer XFE synthetic gear lubricant.  In addition, when customers purchase a new heavy-duty or medium-duty Spicer service carrier for their line-haul vehicle and fill that carrier with Spicer XFE 75W-85 synthetic gear lubricant, they may apply to extend the two-year warranty on the carrier by an additional 12 months.