Optronics intros heated LED stop, turn and taillight with lifetime warranty

Updated Jan 19, 2024

Vehicle lighting manufacturer Optronics International recently released its heated STL13 Series 4-inch round LED stop, turn and taillights, and TLL75 Series LED flood beam work lights just in time for winter weather. The TLL75 Series LED flood beam work light is also being offered with an amber lens that is less reflective in snowy environments.

Optronics heated STL13 Series 4-inch round LED stop, turn, taillightsThe new lights heat up quickly to melt ice and snow from their lenses and housings, the company said. In testing, starting at -22 degrees Fahrenheit, with 5 millimeters of ice on their lenses, the lamps heated to 3 degrees Fahrenheit after one minute, 43 degrees Fahrenheit after five minutes and 100 degrees Fahrenheit after 15 minutes.

The STL13 Series 4-inch round LED stop, turn and taillight features seven diodes and a polycarbonate lens with an ABS housing. The grommet-mounted light comes with a PL-3 molded connection.

Some heated LED lighting units use resistors to heat themselves, and as long as the light is on, the lights continue to generate heat. Because heat affects LED lifespan, and because these lights are exposed to excess heat year-round, their service life can suffer and thus warranties are usually strictly limited. Optronics is offering a lifetime warranty on the new lamps.

“Unlike many other lamps that are constantly ‘cooking’ themselves to death, our heating technology only comes on when necessary,” said Dustin Smith, vice president of sales for Optronics. “Our lamps are smart, and our microprocessors are programmed to start heating only when temperatures begin dropping below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius), in preparation for ice and snow, and as the environment warms again, they stop heating.”

Another unique feature of Optronics’ new lamps is the way in which they actually heat. Most of the heated lamps on the market use filaments embedded in their lenses, much like a rear-window defroster. Optronics’ heated lamps begin the heating process at the core of the lamp, at the level of the circuit board. The heat then emanates throughout the lamp, quickly warming the entire body of the lamp, including its housing. 

The lamps are designed to target commercial vehicles operating in a northern climate with harsh winters.   

“We’re certainly not the first to offer a heated lamp, but no other lighting manufacturer has a heated LED lighting family with a no-hassle, one-diode lifetime warranty protection that will replace a lamp if even one diode fails,” Smith added. 

The both series of lights are in stock and available for shipping immediately, Optronics added.