Bachman and Turner: Still takin’ care of business

Updated Nov 18, 2010

Bachman 0875 Low

On their climb to stardom in 1973, the Bachman-Turner band decided they liked the name Overdrive when they saw a copy of the magazine at a truck stop in Windsor, Ontario. They had stopped at the Colonial Steak House at the Brown Brothers Truck Stop to eat, “hungry, tired, battling with a cranky bus and in need of a big meal,” according to an August 1975 Overdrive feature.

Now after worldwide fame and a five-year hiatus, two of the iconic rock band’s members have reunited. Read about Randy Bachman and Fred Turner and their upcoming performance at Lucinda Coulter’s OverdriveRetro blog. And read about B-T-O’s 1975 interview in Overdrive magazine and the band’s Los Angeles concert that month at OverdriveRetro.