Redmon: ‘Ice Road’ firing was scripted

Updated Sep 27, 2011

Dave RedmonDave Redmon

Ice Road Trucker

Dave Redmon said in an interview with Truckers News, Overdrive’s sister publication, his firing from the show in the Sept. 25 episode, “The Last Dash,” was in the show’s script.

“I know it doesn’t look that way on TV, obviously,” Redmon said. “They had scripted me to be the bad guy on the show, and it just scripted me to get fired,” Redmon said.

The Riverside, Ala., native said the show cited his perceived inability to be a “team player” as its justification. “My so-called attitude and not getting along with everybody [was why]. I was doing my job and I was doing it safely, I just didn’t get along with everybody.”

Three weeks after Redmon left Alaska due to his firing, he flew to Bolivia in April to start filming the Ice Road spinoff IRT: Deadliest Roads. The show premiered Sunday, the same night the episode aired in which Redmon is fired. However, Redmon says the season’s second episode, which will air Oct. 2, will be his last. He and Rick Yemm quit due to issues with unsafe equipment, Redmon said.

A full story on Redmon’s Alaska firing, his brief time in Bolivia and his legal issues with the History Channel will be posted here Tuesday, Sept. 27.