Healthy trucking summit kicks off

ATLANTA — The Healthy Trucking Association of America’s second annual Healthy Trucking Summit kicked off today, Feb. 2, 2010, with an opening reception for attendees. The event looks to build on the success of the 2009 summit as it assists attendees in understanding the implications of CSA 2010 and ever-broadening FMCSA medical regulations.

Held at the Omni Hotel, the summit promises to be educational for attendees, with sessions on Feb. 3 pertaining to the current state of driver health and wellness, dealing with driver hypertension and obesity, sleep apnea among professional drivers, CSA 2010, driver health solutions with HTAA and driver health solutions through strategic partnerships. Attendees will also have opportunity to intermingle during special skybox events hosted at Phillips Arena, adjacent to the Omni. On Feb. 4, attendees will have opportunity to visit sponsor exhibits, and fleets will enjoy custom HTAA analysis with individual information and input sessions. Check back for continued coverage of the summit’s various sessions.
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