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Flex-Arm Light

PenGrip’s MyGripLight can help truck drivers organize and see better while traveling on the road, the company says. Its polyester loops can hold everything from cell phones, pens, notepads, receipts, toll money and much more to keep it within easy reach. The polyester loops sit freely within a track that allows secure storage while being expandable enough to hold a cell phone. Combined is a fully adjustable red and white ball light on an articulating arm that is removable for portable needs.

PenGrip LLC

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Healthy chocolate

Xoçai’s Healthy Chocolate is produced with pure unprocessed cacao that is blanched, unfermented, sun-dried, non-roasted, non-alkalized and cold-pressed. Because these proprietary processes are closely monitored, Xoçai delivers the maximum amount of antioxidants naturally found in unprocessed cacao. Healthy Chocolate can help truckers’ health and assist them in attaining and maintaining an ideal weight, the company says.


(888) 841-8081

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Paccar ready for new engine series

Paccar, the parent company of Peterbilt and Kenworth, will begin building its MX Series of engines this summer at a $400 million factory in Columbus, Miss. The MX was developed by Paccar’s European subsidiary DAF and was an early recipient of selective catalytic reduction emissions technology. The series features an in-line, six-cylinder design with four valves per cylinder. Five engines make up the MX Series, with power ratings ranging from 380 to 485 horsepower and 1,450 to 1,750 lb.-ft. of torque. The MX engines are designed with compacted graphite iron heads and blocks. Paccar is the only heavy-duty engine maker to construct both components from this lighter, yet stronger material. CGI gives MX engine components 75 percent greater strength and stiffness and a 200 percent increase in thermal fatigue resistance. The materials are 150 pounds lighter than competitive engines using conventional cast iron components. In addition, CGI is quieter and transmits fewer engine vibrations to the cab of the truck. The MX engines come with a two-year/250,000-mile standard warranty. Each certified Paccar dealer will provide full service support for the new engines.

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Heavy-duty starter

Remy’s Delco Remy 44MT is a heavy-duty starter with high-power density and patented technologies easing installation, increasing reliability and providing a longer life cycle, the company says. The premium starter creates 8.5 kilowatts at 12 volts, and its input current is capable of ECM control. Its internal location enables it to withstand engine temperatures up to 120 degrees C or 248 degrees F. Remy’s Clutch Over Planetary Gear Drive System design can improve soft start engagements and reduce engagement milling and teeth abutments.


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iPhone Apps

PCS Software’s iLoadFinder app reads the iPhone’s GPS location and retrieves available loads within a certain radius of the phone. Drivers can specify the radius to search, the distance they want the load to travel, and they can also search by origin and destination city, state and shipper. Once a load is found the driver can touch the screen to either call or e-mail the shipper.

PCS also has the iBOL (Bill of Landing) iPhone app, which can collect consignee signatures on the iPhone. The driver types in the delivery location, pieces and weight, and iBOL will generate a date- and time-stamped signature collection screen. The consignee uses an iPhone stylus to sign, then iBOL sends a signed receipt image file to the driver’s office e-mail address where it can be printed or included with any electronic billing the company may be doing.

PSC Software

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Rebate program

International dealers and International Used Truck Centers kicked off the “Buy More, $ave More” program Feb. 1, offering purchasers of used trucks a tiered rebate program on parts purchased at participating International or IC Bus dealerships in the United States and Canada through Oct. 31.

International bmsm.html

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Power cord

Grote Industries’ Ultra-Link-Coil-Cords are manufactured using molded elastomeric material that resists crushing, acts as potting that seals terminals from moisture and is molded with a special adhesive that bonds with the cable to eliminate the need for a spring, the company says. Die-cast sleeves also increase dimensional stability and wear characteristics.

Grote Industries

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Aux power unit

Mantis Metalworks’ Mantis-175 Auxiliary Power Unit was developed to lower fuel costs while maintaining creature comforts while a truck is idled. The unit has a quiet Isuzu 3-cylinder engine that runs at 1,800 rpm, which preserves engine life and consumes less fuel, the company says. The unit also has a diamond-plate exterior.

Mantis Metalworks

(248) 853-1001

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Trailer tire

Bridgestone’s Firestone-brand FT455 Plus trailer tire is built for exceptional fuel efficiency without sacrificing removal mileage. The tire is approved for use on Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay-certified equipment and is ideal for fleets running California Air Resources Board (CARB)-compliant vehicles. The FT455 Plus is designed for free-rolling positions, including trailer axles, tag axles and converter dollies.

Bridgestone Bandag

Tire Solutions

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