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Medium-Duty Steer Tire

The HSR2 Eco Plus medium-duty steer tire uses a fuel-efficient compound and has a four-rib tread design, which improves rolling resistance by 15 percent, the company says. The tire has a protective curb rib for high-scrub applications and patented groove geometry to reduce cracking and treading, as well as improved rolling resistance that provides better fuel economy, the company says.


(800) 776-2022

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Sleeper mattresses

The 7-inch-thick innerspring mattress has a three-layer quilted design to prevent tearing and limit horizontal motion. It has a straight-cut foam topper on the top and bottom of the mattress for added comfort. The 5-inch-thick high-density foam mattress offers full-body support from its design, the company says. Both mattresses are available in seven sizes and come in a tight-roll package that allows them to be transported.

TRP Aftermarket Parts

(425) 392-2611

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Keyless trailer lock

This electronic lock uses an encrypted pulse technology to provide security, lock access control and lock audit trail that helps in detecting tampering and theft and assists in tracing losses. The lock mounts on the inside of the door, concealing it from the outside, and on nearly any surface, the company says. The mechanism is battery-powered.

Master Lock

(800) 464-2088

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Pressure Protection Valves

The one-way check pressure protection valves protect against leaks in air pressure from the braking system if an air line or valve in an air-operated accessory fails. The e-coated zinc diecast body prevents corrosion, and the Nitrile diaphragm provides durability, the company says. The valves can be used in air suspensions, air seats or cab isolation systems.


(800) 643-2374

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Coolant leak repair

K-Seal uses a ceramic and copper formula that mixes with all types of anti-freezes. The sealant works by mixing with engine coolant and making a ceramic repair after the engine has reached working temperature. The company says the sealant works in engine blocks, heads, radiators, heater matrixes, freeze plugs and head gaskets and will not block or damage the cooling system. The company offers a money-back guarantee.


(888) 254-0150

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Sierra supports Garmin Fleet Management Interface

Sierra Wireless integrated Garmin’s Fleet Management Interface into its line of AirLink gateways and routers. The in-vehicle platform offers a mobile solution for location-based services, driver communication, vehicle telemetry and fleet management by combining the communication platform with the Garmin navigation device, the company says. The system also enables real-time navigation, route planning, two-way text messaging, auto-answer and job dispatching.

Sierra Wireless

(760) 476-8700

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LED replacement for corrosive environments

Grote released a new version of the company’s Trilliant LED bulb that is designed to operate in corrosive environments, the company says. The bulb is a replacement for PAR 36 incandescent bulbs and will use a sealed connector to resist moisture and chemical intrusion. It is made with hard-coated polycarbonate lenses that can be replaced if damaged. The LED bulb is rated for 40,000 hours of service life and uses less power then incandescent, the company says.

Grote Industries

(812) 273-1296

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30th Edition Motor Carriers Road Atlas

Rand McNally’s atlas includes completely revised state and province maps, with updated mileages, additional suburb, town and small city names and better urban area representation, the company says. The maps have updated highways that show trucking-designated highways from the Surface Transportation Assistance Act. The company says more than 800 changes have been made to the truck-specific state contact information — such as contacts for operating authority, emergency police and vehicle registration. The book includes a 22-page mileage directory with more than 40,000 truck-route-specific mileages.

Rand McNally

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Phone Software

With integrated software systems, Opticon H-Series devices can scan barcode data to capture electronic signatures at delivery points and transmit them in real time to ensure delivery accuracy and improve productivity, the company says. Cheetah Software supplies the Opticon devices with a Windows Mobile operating system and the ability to scan one- or two-dimensional barcodes.


(888) 243-3834

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Aerodynamic trailer technology gets Smartway approval

The Integrated Automated Systems — the SmartTail and the WindTamer — have been verified to meet the California Air Resources Board’s legislation requiring 53-foot trailers in the state to have devices installed that yield 5 percent or more fuel savings. The SmartTail helps improve fuel economy by using automated polymer skins that mount to the rear doors, the company says The WindTamer uses a contoured, low-profile cover mounted on the undercarriage of the trailer.

Aerodynamic Trailer Systems

(440) 543-2902

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