Bionic workout?

Those of you old enough to remember the heyday of spandex, neon and leg warmers probably can remember the semi-racy Jane Fonda workout videos of the 80s. Fonda was pretty much at the forefront of the video workout revolution, eventually leading to thousands of do-it-at-home workouts that you could perform

in front of your own TV.

Well, more than a quarter century later, and Fonda is not quite as young as she used to be — she’s had knee and hip replacement surgeries, as well as some cosmetic surgeries. But she is proving that this doesn’t have to stop her from working out with the upcoming release of a new workout video she says is targeted at “people who think they are too old and too unfit to start again.”

According to The Daily Mail, Fonda’s new video will include a lot of marching and walking, as well as some light weights.

Personally, I haven’t seen the video (it’s being released later this year), but it sounds like it might be a good fit for a trucker who wants to start getting in shape. It could easily be completed with a portable DVD player, possibly even in your sleeper. Seriously, if a 70-something woman with a fake knee and hip can do these exercises, you probably have a good shot, no matter what your physical limitations.

Fonda’s new videos are due to come out in November.