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Update: Police killer suspect arrested

Police have arrested a suspect in the fatal shooting of a 27-year-old Riverside, Calif., police officer less than 48 hours after the murder. 

On Nov. 9, Riverside police booked Earl Ellis Green, 44, of Rubidoux, Calif., on a charge of murdering Officer Ryan Bonaminio, after arresting the parole violator in a Riverside shopping complex.

Bonaminio, 27, was on patrol Nov. 7 when he spotted a truck that had been reported in a hit-and-run accident. He turned on his flashers and siren. Initially, the truck driver did not pull over, but then stopped in front of Fairmount Park. The driver got out of the truck fled on foot into the park, police said.
The decorated veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom ran after the driver, police said. When backup officers arrived, they found Bonaminio had had been shot. The officer’s dashboard camera depicts the suspect returning to the truck and driving away. Bonaminio died later at a Riverside hospital.
The rental truck was recovered a few miles from the crime scene. A $400,000 reward had been offered for information resulting in the arrest and conviction of the suspect.

Police are continuing the investigation and have asked anyone with information concerning the suspect or the crime to call (951) 353-7915.

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