Jessica Samko

Updated May 3, 2013

JessicaSamkoI don’t think there is any difference between men or women truckers. We both get the job done. I love trucking, and there is just something about being on the open road that makes me feel free. No limits, and I can go anywhere. There are so many places I never thought I would see and so much more to discover, the possibilities are endless. I truck with my two dogs and it’s always nice to be able to escape the winter weather in N.Y. too! It’s almost like getting a paid vacation when I get a load to Vegas. I didn’t always want to be a trucker but there is so much more to trucking than just sitting and driving all day. And there are plenty of ways to stay healthy. I keep an electronic stepper in the truck and it definitely keeps me in shape. I also stop and walk my dogs at least three times a day. I never thought I would be a trucker when I grew up, but now, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!