Isabel Solorzano

2252-isabel_solorzanoMy mom is 46 years old. She came from Mexico 26 years ago and has 20 years driving as a truck driver, is a trainer in Crete Carrier Corp, and was one in J.B Hunt and has 1 Million miles without accidents.Has won Driver of the Year in Texas, and twice Driver of the Month.Her life has been the road since she migrated from Mexico at the age of 20. She always told me she wanted to be a truck driver because she wanted someone  to pay her to drive; and after i was born she went to driving school and after that started applying to companies. No one wanted to hire her at first because she was Mexican…and a woman with no experience. But she took a chance and applied at J.B Hunt where she drove and trained for ten years. After Mr. Hunt retired she went to work with Crete and the rest is history.

She’s had to face many challenges for doing what she loves, from sexism to racism, and being a single mother, too, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming an amazing and beautiful human. She is a great friend and trucker, and the best mom there is. That is why I nominate my mother for Overdrive’s Most Beautiful. If she isn’t chosen it’s OK, because I know my mom is the most beautiful inside and out.