Jennifer Roach

JenniferRoachMy wife is such an awesome, inspiring person. She works hard to make sure myself and our four-legged kids are well cared for. She has been driving for 14 years and pulls a flatbed. She can chain, strap and tarp with the best of them. You see, we have 15 dogs we have adopted that were either abused badly or abandoned. No matter what, she makes sure they have everything they need even if she has to go without. When she does get home, she likes to spend time with her grand baby and the rest of her family. She enjoys cooking on her grill or smoker too. She goes out on the road for several weeks at a time and sacrifices so much of her time and energy so that we are taken care of.  I have so much respect for her going out there and doing what she does. She is a kind and caring person. Willing to help out in any situation.