Amy Gladen

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Updated May 3, 2013

AmyGladenHello, I’m Amy, and have been driving for my families Logging/ construction company for 13 years. I currently drive one of our 86′ 359 ext hood Peterbilt logging trucks. I love my truck so much. It’s not only a classic but a beauty to look at. Maybe that’s why people tell us were the perfect pair, I’m not only a beauty but a classic kind of person to. I also drive our transfer truck, water truck, 8 axle lowbed and run equipment at our logging jobs and construction jobs. I have to say that I’m so blessed to be able to raise my beautiful little boys around hard work ethics and the beautiful country God has gifted us with. They love going with mom in the logging truck. I’m a very hard working, loving and devoted person. I love my job, there’s not one job in this world l would rather have than getting to watch the beautiful sunrises and mountains I get to work in. You truly find the beauty in this world and all it has when you get to be in it everyday. Thank you for this opportunity to be the most beautiful trucker. Xoxo