Noise busters

spoolsQ: Quiet spools seem like a good idea, but I have a couple questions. Do the spools sound like factory when using an engine brake or is it somewhere between the turbo and factory muffler? Also, I’ve heard some nightmares about the spools – that they rattle around inside of the pipe and you have to have bolts on the outside to hold them from bouncing into the elbow. What’s the skinny here? – Rus Helton, Austin, Texas

A: Quiet spools are about half as loud as straight pipes. Actually, they are closer to the muffler side of quiet than straight pipes, maybe a shade quieter than halfway. They still have a good rumble and crack, though. Quiet spools have the internal muffler welded in them, so concerns about rattling or coming loose are not right. They are also totally bolt-free, so visually a true straight pipe setup or a quiet spool setup would look exactly the same. – Bryan Martin, 4 State Trucks