iLuvMyTrucker: Andy Moats

I love Andy because he has had two back surgeries (within weeks of each-other) which had caused him to quit working and he couldn’t do anything, including tying his own shoes.  He had promised me before we married that I could be a stay-at-home mom, but due to his work accident all that changed and I worked to support us. He always has felt bad and now after having him at home he has taken another trucking job in North Dakota. Now I was informed they are moving him to Minnesota!! He’s going due to the money. He has to live in his truck and eat out of a cooler in his truck because we can’t afford to eat out all the time. We are putting things into storage and will lose a place to live on the 1st of September. But yet no matter what I know he is my strength and best friend. With him, no matter what we are thrown, we will be there together! I love you so much, Andy!!! Be safe always and prayers with all the truckers, so that they too will arrive home! Thank you!!!!