Linda Howard

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Occupation: Owner-operator
Company: MiniDink Inc.
Nominated by: Cherie Ahlvers

Linda Howard 2Linda is the most beautiful trucker not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. Her outer beauty is obvious to all who have the pleasure of being near her. But her beauty goes well beneath her surface and resides deep into her soul. I drove with Linda as a team for eight years, in which time, because of her work ethics and pride in her work, we were able to go from company drivers to being the proud owners of our own truck and company. We drove every type of load, excluding heavy loads, and with each stop Linda would ease in and out of the truck with grace and a style that astounded even me.

In the last year she has maintained our company as a solo driver, to training her eldest son to become part of the Landstar Team, thereby making it possible for me to get off the road so I could spend time with my mom, who is going to be eighty next month. A selfless and beautiful act if ever there was one!

Her beauty is the kind I wish all truckers to possess, one that begins within oneself, and finds its way to the surface for all to see!