Amy McGrath

Updated Jul 3, 2015
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Amy McGrath

Amy McGrath

Hometown: Huntington, Mass.

Occupation: Company driver with Lockwood Construction Services

How long trucking: Almost 15 years

Hauls: mulch, granite, rock, sand

“Beauty is how you treat others around you, and it’s something that you earn. It’s not something that you’re entitled to; you can’t just call yourself beautiful without earning it.”

When she’s not hauling a mass of granite on a flatbed, McGrath is usually deep into working on her Road Rangers 413 Truck Club, which she cofounded with a friend. The newly chartered group — the motto of which is “Supporting driver safety, education and the passing on of the knowledge to all interested” — has its first show June 14.


Her nomination:

I feel I am beautiful because of my ability to smile at the end of a grueling 60+hour week. I try and make lite of every situation and am willing to help everyone including competition. Trying to come up with reasons I feel I am beautiful is hard.I am just me. No one special.

Submitted by Amy McGrath, company driver
Huntington, Massachussetts

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