Amanda Wyatt

What you see is NOT what you get with me……you get a whole lot more. Beauty can be found in everyone and is not just skin deep. I’d like to think of myself as the most beautiful trucker, not based on my looks, but on how I carry myself. I’m extremely outgoing, fun loving and a hard worker. I take those traits with me to work, on the road, at home, etc. If I can make someone smile or laugh, then my day is complete. I get told by the guys I work with that I boost morale because I’m a goofball. I put my all into everything I do and am proud of all my accomplishments.
Let’s face it, not everyone is supportive of a female driver. My grandmother told me to “Always paint on a smile” and that’s exactly what I do. I’ve had numerous negative experiences but I keep a smile, kill them with kindness and keep on rolling. Don’t get me wrong, I can give it back just as well as I take it. I’d like to think I break the stereotype of women truckers. Everyone thinks of a mullet, missing teeth, a flannel shirt with cut off sleeves and the IQ of a walnut. Well, newsflash, that’s not the case. I excelled in all my schooling, was a veterinary technician for 10 years, am a certified dental assistant and can bang through some gears better than those kids in their rice burners. I make it a point to tell younger kids that they should never limit themselves or believe anyone who tells them they can’t do it. I’ve heard everything from “You’re too tiny”, “It’s not a job for a young lady” to “No man wants a woman with a manly job”. Well, I took that as CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I’ve been driving for about 9 years and with my husband for 7. Take that! I strive to do the best I can, as safely as I can, and return home at the end of the day. I’m proud to be a female driver and keeping America moving, one load at a time.

Submitted by Amanda Wyatt, company driver